Bruwer first female and third overall in US marathon - Carina Bruwer
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30th Annual 12.5 Mile Around Key West

The 30th Annual 12.5 Mile around Key West took place on June 10th.  
The swim began at 7:30AM and it was a wild adventure for all it participants.  

Strong winds, choppy waters and thunder showers made for the most challenging 
condition in the event’s history. 
So difficult were the condition that only 39 of the 55 entrants finished the course.

The event this year consisted of 22 solo swimmers, 3 two person teams and 
9 three person relay teams.

Topping the solo division were Marcos Diaz from the Dominican Republic with a time of 3:54:31.  
In second was Alaskan, James Barkman with a time of 4:37:50 and coming in third over all 
in the solo division was Carina Bruwer from South Africa at 4:39:15. 

Fourteen of the solo swimmers completed the swim.

Only 2 of the 2 person relays completed the event.  

Taking a first place in this category was the team of Nathan Rieck and Robert Rivas
of Sebastian, Florida with a time of 6:16:40 and in 
second was the husband and wife team from Colorado, Andrew and Leslie Holton at 9:09:51.
Leslie swam in place against the current at the Fleming Cut for 45 minutes!

Two of the three person relays dropped out.  Placing first and second in this division were 
Cyle Sage, Julie Carysone and Javier Beuzeville with a time of 4:26:03 
and in second place was the team of Ryan Mc Near, Jana McNear and Kris Neuschaefer 
swimming in at 5:35:45.
The date for the 31st Annual 12.5 Miler Swim around Key West will take place on June 16, 2007.  
For more information about the swim and for all the results of this year’s event visit More information will be posted soon about a new Island Swim Website 
and 2007 Island Swim Information.

	Swim Around Key West June 10, 2006
	Solo Swimmers				
Place	LName	FName	City 			St.	Time
1       Diaz	Marcos	La Julia, Santo Domingo	DOM	3:54:31
2	Barkman	James	Soldotna		AK	4:37:50
3	Bruwer	Carina	South Africa			4:39:45
4	Wilde	Richard	Brooklyn		NY	5:09:30
5	Cooney	Cleve	Atamonte Springs	FL	5:14:00
6	Monnig	Ruth	Minneola		FL	5:31:50
7	RejimbalTammy	New Smyrna		FL	5:32:44
8	Spencer	JenniferPembroke Pines		FL	5:47:35
9	Tipton	Becca	Key West		FL	6:20:08
10	Buckman	John	Ormond Beach		FL	6:22:40
11	Timmons	Paul	Rehoboth		DE	6:24:09
12	Wallis	Chrissy	Jacksonville		FL	6:46:42
13	Langley	Joshua	Neptune Beach		FL	6:54:00
14	Highsmith	 William		FL	8:23:39
	Fugina Pennella	Anna	Port Charlotte	FL	out
	Grassie	Paul	Flemington		NJ	out
	MissildineJames					out
	MorrisonAlan	New York		NY	out
	Pena	Caroline				out
	Sims	Jill					out
	Weather	Jessica	Jacksonville		FL	out
	Webb 	Mickey	Ft. Lauderdale		FL	out

	2 Person Relay				
Place	Lname	FName	City 			St	Time
1	Rieck	Nathan	Sebastian 		FL	6:16:40
	Rivas	Robert	Sebastian 		FL	6:16:40
2	Holton	Andrew	Pine			CO	9:09:51
	Holton 	Leslie	Pine			CO	9:09:51
	Engman	KatiePonte Vedre Beach		FL	out
	Wallis	SusanPonte Vedre Beach		FL	out

	3 Person Relay				

Number 	LName	FName	City 			St	Time
1	Sage	Cyle	Dade City		FL	4:26:03
	CarysoneJulie	High Springs		FL	4:26:03
	Beuzeville	Javier	Tampa		FL	4:26:03
2	Mc Near	Ryan	Fort Lauderdale		FL	5:35:45
	Mc Near	Jana	Fort Lauderdale		FL	5:35:45
	NeuschaeferKris	Fort Lauderdale		FL	5:35:45
3	Gerdes	Ian					5:51:23
	Khol						5:51:23
	Sweet	Keven					5:51:23
4	BeckovichKathleen			KY	6:09:00
	BeltrameSarah	New Albany		IN	6:09:00
	MoncivaezRebeccaAshville		NC	6:09:00
5	GustafsonGinny	Key West 		FL	6:26:19
	Kim 	Helen	Key West 		FL	6:26:19
	Shults	Rebecca	Key West 		FL	6:26:19
6	Welzien	Sessie	Sugarloaf Key		FL	8:08:22
	Nelson	Don	Cudjoe Key		FL	8:08:22
	Towson	Joe				SC	8:08:22
7	Maguire	Phillip	Key West 		FL	9:27:10
	Robbins	Deirdre	Key West 		FL	9:27:10
	TBD						9:27:10
	Braseth	Bruce	Fort Walton Beach	FL	out
	Hollarn	Dana	Shalimar		FL	out
	Smith	Chad	Ft. Walton Beach	FL	out
	Baker	Elaine	Winter Park		FL	out
	Welzien	William	Sugarloaf Key		FL	out
	White	Abigail	Key West 		FL	out


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