Top female motivational speakers - Carina Bruwer



Female motivators – the future of inspiration

Inspirational speaking may be a male dominated industry, but female motivational speakers like Mel Robbins, Amy Purdy and Brene Brown are walking the talk and changing the lives of millions on a daily basis.

Since entering the keynote speaking circuit myself, I have done extensive research around how and why to address any particular group, how to package my messaging in a way that can effect an actual shift in behaviour and/or human experience, and the unique opportunity presented by simply being a female.

I have read and listened to dozens of inspirational stories and have been blown away by the changemaking power of female motivators across the world.

Here are a few links to pages where you can read more about some of the top female speakers on the global circuit.

We all have the power to inspire each other, which can in turn re-motivate ourselves. We all share similar qualities, we just have different ways of accessing and utilising the tools we all have access to; this is why connecting through motivation is such an incredibly powerful experience” Carina Bruwer

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