A first taste of justice - Carina Bruwer

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Today I feel like I’m one (baby) step closer to Justice. As many of you are aware, I have spent the past year fighting for my rights in a property sale, which now sees me embroiled in two High Court applications, and a substantive Legal Practice Council complaint against the transferring attorney who holds my funds and is now litigating against me. I’m holding off on sharing more details about recent developments, as all will be revealed in court and I will see to it that substantial media coverage is received. I can however report that today I was granted a chamber book order following a substantive application to the urgent judge in chambers, due to my opposition’s continued failure to file their answering affidavit. This could significantly delay the case, which already sees my life being on hold, and my pockets stripped…
The order granted compels my friends to file their answering papers within 3 days, failing which their notice to oppose will be struck out and we’ll proceed with the application on an unopposed basis.
So I thought what the heck, I’ll share some cool pics that the talented @louisaswims took of me in Keerom Street. It’s the home of the High Court, and I’m prepared to spend as much time here as it will take to vindicate my rights, and to hopefully help establish new case law which can protect members of the public in future.
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