Flautist becomes first South African to round Cape Point - Carina Bruwer

17 March 2003

This morning long distance swimmer and professional flautist Carina Bruwer became the first South African to successfully sound the Cape of Good Hope. Before the swim Carina, who is SA’s 10km Open Water Swimming Champion, said: “This will be my most challenging swim to date.  The currents around Cape Point are notorious and the waves can be extreme.  Sharks should not be an issue because the boat will be equipped with an electronic shark repellant device.”   CLDSA President, Mr. Peter Bales said: “Carina is a very strong swimmer.  If the currents don’t play up, I think she has a good chance of making it.”  Carina has also successfully swum to Robben Island three times.

Bruwer set off at a turbulent Diaz Beach appr. 10:00, and finished the swim in 2h20.  Hereby she also broke the record of world renowned American open water swimmer Lynne Cox, set in the eighties.   Carina said:  “I am ecstatic!  I have been on standby to do the swim since Tuesday, but bad weather and gale force winds prevented an attempt.  Today’s conditions were wonderful, although the water was extremely cold at the start (about 13 degrees).  I now know why they call it the Cape of Storms: The sea was very rough up to a few hundred meters around the point, where it clamed down considerably, and the temperature increased.  I feel honored to have had an amazing (and star studded!) support crew:  The legendary Peter Bales, president of the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association and the first South African man to have swum across the English Channel; Tony Sellmeyer, well known Cape long Distance Swimmer and president of Open Water Swimming South Africa; and Lewis Pugh, holder of numerous long distance swimming records.  Lewis is also the one who inspired me attempt the swim.

I hope to swim around Cape Aghulas soon, and am still looking for sponsorship swim across the Straights of Gibraltar later this year.”

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