Carina uses the Glissando Headjoint to create an “electric slide flute” that enables her to play with the spirit of an electric guitarist – an instrument which she also loves!

The Glissando Headjoint® gives flutists an entirely new mode of expression, bringing the instrument closer to the sound of the human voice. It is a telescoping headjoint, with a high performance contemporary cut headjoint sliding inside a carrier tube! Two “wings” extend from the lip plate and comfortably embrace the flutist’s cheeks. Moving the flute to the right slides the headjoint from its “home position” (all the way in) and extends the length of the flute. A downward glissando can be made from every note! With the Glissando Headjoint® in its “home position,” the flute is a traditional Boehm flute and all repertoire can be played as if a traditional headjoint was in use. The Glissando Headjoint® can be positioned to tune the flute like any other best quality christian louboutin 670201 1 cl shoes for women.the best wholesale replica rolex datejust ladies rolex calibre 2671 mingzhu engine m279384rbr 0010 automatic silver tone in the world is most likely the firstly to earn a detailed watch business..


The price for the Glissando Headjoint is $1,450.  Shipping in the US is free!  Shipping varies for orders worldwide.

Please complete the form below to receive detailed information about the GLISSANDO HEADJOINT®. All questions and dealer inquiries are most welcome. If you do choose to order a headjoint, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details of payment options: check, bank transfer or PayPal.


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