17 March 2005

Carina Bruwer’s attempt to cross False Bay – the country’s ultimate marathon swim and one of the most daunting in the world – was cut short by icy waters. After weeks of waiting for suitable conditions, Carina started the 35km swim at 7AM on Thursday 17 March, at Miller’s Point. Despite flat seas, conditions proved to be unsuitable for this marathon attempt, as the water temperature remained around 14 and 15 degrees. Carina swam for 5 hours before hypothermia forced her to abort the attempt. She had just reached the halfway mark of the swim.

“I am very disappointed; we waited so long for the wind to drop, and when at last we had flat seas, the conditions still got the better of us. The water was just too cold for such a long swim. I should never have started the swim on Wednesday – I know that my body cannot handle 14 degrees for longer than 3 hours; I am surprised at how long I lasted!”

Carina wants to attempt the swim again as soon as conditions permit. “I will need water temperature of at least 18 degrees. The likelyhood of temperatures rising within the next fez weeks is small. Unfortunately days are also becoming shorter and I will need 13 daylight hours to be safe. So it seems I will have to wait until next Summer.”

For more information, call Francois Brink on 083 375 1454

Notes to Editors

  1. Carina is a professional concert flautist and manager of her own music agency. She is 25 years old and lives in Mouille Point. More information can be found on www.carinabruwer.com . Information document available on request.
  2. Press articles about previous False Bay attempts are available on request.
  3. Please note the correct spelling of the sponsors: Wiesenhof Coffees
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