It's Raining, it's Pouring - Carina Bruwer
Well, at least I don’t need to go outside to check if it’s raining…
A roof leak is a classic example of a latent defect that needs to be declared to a property buyer, because it is simply not discoverable during a routine inspection. My “seller” (I use quotation marks because she now wants to be a “Canceller”, not a Seller) chose not to declare this, or any of the other major latent defects in the property which I am purchasing. When I reported this, the transferring attorney told me to send a report together with evidence of the seller’s knowledge of said defects. His duty is to affect a fair resolution (or at least to attempt such) in accordance with the deed of sale. His fee is paid by me.
Alas, once I submitted the report, I was met with radio silence for two weeks, followed by a breach of contract letter (Huh? Me? But it is the seller who is in breach?!), and again silence, and then…. “CANCELLATION” (and remember, I beached (Huh again?!) so they get to keep the money).
Their threat is clear: “If you want us to transfer the property in your name, you have to give up your rights”. It would be so much easier for me to just say yes.
At least I can enjoy this beautiful water and light display whilst “illegally” occupying the property. Maybe even an indoor swim?
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