"There are Homeless Shelters" - Carina Bruwer

Views expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent a legal opinion

So today I received a fat pack of papers from the sheriff. A notice of an eviction application. Amidst the derogatory language, the many misrepresentations and the blatant absence of a large amount critical information and correspondence, is this jewel of kindness…
Before you get too worried (understandably): my lawyer calls the application “expected” and at the same time it really is somewhat “giggle-worthy”. It’s truly amazing what some people are prepared to say under oath.
I will soon share some more details. Why the heck not? In the mean time, it’s Water, Wine and (reluctant) Wakefulness for me. 🏊‍♀️ 🍷 🥱 My psychologist-seller-friend’s offer to assist with alternative accommodation really takes the edge off, so all is Well.
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